Poly(hydroxyurethane)s: biosourced isocyanate-free polyurethanes
Research & development
Polyurethanes (PUs) were discovered in the 1930s by Otto Bayer and were mainly used to replace natural rubbers during World War II. Their worldwide production represents 25.1 million tons in 2019.
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The complete guide shape memory materials and their applications
Research & development
Shape memory alloys, widely used in everyday life, have been studied for longer than shape memory polymers. These two groups of smart materials have very different physical, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.
BFM Business : Marc Dolatkhani, CEO of PolymerExpert in the program Focus PME
Meet Marc Dolatkhani, CEO of PolymerExpert, with Vincent Touraine for the program Focus PME ! Discover the job of a polymerist and how a Pessac-based SME contributes to the improvement of the daily life of thousands of people.
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Mass optimization with composite materials
Research & development
The automotive, aeronautics and space sectors are not subject to the same constraints in terms of economics, mechanics or part sizes. However, they are all concerned by the issue of weight reduction, which mechanically generates a reduction in fuel costs but also a considerable environmental impact.
PolymerExpert wins second prize for formulation at Cosmet Agora 2022
The jury of the Cosmet' Agora formulation contest awards PolymerExpert the second prize for its product "a happy event" formulated with EstoGel® Green, the new COSMOS approved 100% biosourced oil phase rheology modifier.
Estogel Green clear stick
PolymerExpert wins Gold Award for its ingredient EstoGel® Green!
PolymerExpert has won the prestigious Cosmetiquemag Gold Award for its ingredient EstoGel® Green!
Acrylic polymers for orthopedic surgery
Research & development
Acrylic bone cements are universally used for the sealing of articular prostheses (hip, knee, shoulder, elbow…); they allow the total replacement of deficient articulations in very favourable conditions for the surgeon and for the patient.