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At the heart of PolymerExpert’s activities, the R&D department prepares the innovations of tomorrow. For its customers or for its own internal research, our team of Doctors and Engineers, specialists in chemistry, physical chemistry and polymer mechanics, synthesize new molecules in the shortest possible time while respecting the expected specifications. We always focus on the feasibility of marketing the product.

Need a polymer with a specific property?

PolymerExpert knows how to relate the chemical structure of a polymer to its properties. Our R&D department develops intelligent materials and performs custom synthesis. In addition, PolymerExpert adapts technologies developed in-house to the needs of its partners.

The activities of the R&D department

Custom synthesis is an efficient way to obtain molecules tailored to your needs and specifications. Our teams of doctors and engineers are specialists in the synthesis of polymers and organic molecules. They master all polymerization techniques and are therefore able to synthesize all families of polymers.

After providing a protocol, a publication or a specification, we study the feasibility of your request. We then propose a synthesis route before carrying out the tests. An analytical follow-up of each chemical reaction is carried out to guarantee that you obtain the desired product.

PolymerExpert does not impose a minimum order to its customers, so you can order the exact quantity necessary for your tests or your application.

Examples of custom synthesized polymers

Polyurethane, Polyacrylate, Polyester, Polyether, Polysaccaride, Polyamide, Polyamine, Halogenated polymers, Polylactide, Polyolefin, Silicones, etc.

Design of functional polymers

In addition to the polymers studied in our internal research, we are interested in numerous technologies in the field of polymers.

Based on your specifications, we create the innovative product you are looking for. We systematically introduce the notion of feasibility and industrialization during the implementation of your project. Today, PolymerExpert has contributed to the marketing of more than 100 products.

Examples of features developed by PolymerExpert


Thermal and electrical conductivity

Sensitivity to stimuli (temperature, pH, laser…)

Ability to bind specific molecules




Controlled release of active ingredients

Stabilization of the medium

Adjustment of our technologies

PolymerExpert has developed many technologies in-house for specific applications. These technologies are flexible enough to be adapted to other applications: we can adjust them to your specifications. For example, technologies developed for the medical field have found outlets in the aerospace or aeronautics field. We allow our customers to benefit from our experience with these technologies to develop innovations very quickly and reduce the “time to market“.

Examples of technologies developed by PolymerExpert

Shape memory polymers

Self-repairing materials

Photochromic polymers

Polymers for optics

Rheology modifiers

Slip coatings

Bone cements

Controlled release of actives

Media stabilization

Why outsource your R&D?
  • Recognized player in R&D in the field of polymers
  • Numerous innovation awards
  • 65 patents
  • Contribution to the marketing of more than 100 products
  • From the idea to the finished product
  • Research tax credit approval
  • Certified as a contract research company by BPI France
  • Development of materials meeting precise specifications