Our activities

For more than 20 years, in France and abroad, we have been offering smart technologies for many sectors of activity, such as medical, biotechnology, aeronautics, aerospace, industry, cosmetics, construction…

Our activity is divided into several services: analysis and expertise, R&D and technology transfer, scale-up and production to provide a complete service to all our customers. PolymerExpert has also developed raw materials dedicated to cosmetics. They are valorized by our cosmetic application laboratory.

PolymerExpert collaborates with start-ups as well as with large groups. We meet their needs by offering them our expertise in the field of polymers, analytical equipment, and a great flexibility in terms of delivery time.

The missions entrusted to PolymerExpert can range from a simple consultation to the total management of an innovation project. They are systematically undertaken in close collaboration with the client company’s representatives, under cover of confidentiality, in compliance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.

Our company allows our clients to benefit from the tax credit for research.

• Analysis and Expertises

PolymerExpert relies on specialized engineers and state-of-the-art analytical equipment to provide its customers with complete analytical reports, advice and specific expertise.

With more than 20 years of experience and a unique expertise in performing analyses, we offer our services in

• Quality control
• Determination of impurities
• Development of analytical methods
• Deformulation
• Understanding of reaction mechanisms
• Expertise in case of litigation


We are able to characterize pure polymers, in solution or formulated (finished products such as composites, emulsions, resins, adhesives…). We take charge of your project from sampling to the provision of a complete analytical report. We guarantee the traceability of our results, the respect of the standards, as well as a metrological follow-up of the whole equipment.



• More than 30 analytical equipments
• 20 years of expertise in polymer analysis
• Compliance with confidentiality standards
• Customized support
• Flexibility and adaptability
• Reliability and traceability

• R&D services and technology transfer

At the heart of PolymerExpert’s activities, the R&D department prepares the innovations of tomorrow. For its customers or for its own internal research, our team of Doctors and Engineers, specialists in chemistry, physical chemistry and polymer mechanics, synthesize new molecules in the shortest possible time while respecting the expected specifications. We always focus on the feasibility of marketing the product.

Thus, PolymerExpert offers different services:

•Custom polymer synthesis
•Design of innovative polymers and creation of functionalities
•Adjustment of technologies resulting from our internal research
•Eco-design of polymers

The missions entrusted to PolymerExpert can range from simple consultation to the total management of a research and development program.


Advantage :

• Recognized actor in R&D in the field of polymers
• Numerous innovation awards
• 65 patents
• Contribution to the marketing of more than 100 products
• From the idea to the finished product
• Certified as a contract research company by BPI France
• Development of materials meeting precise specifications


• Scale up et production

PolymerExpert has been developing high value-added polymers for many years. The desire to ensure the link between development and application in the shortest possible time has led us to develop expertise in polymer production.

PolymerExpert has invested in a wide range of equipment to offer its customers a complete production service. All of our scale-ups and production are carried out under the cover of ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications.



• Dedicated manufacturing lines: medical, cosmetic, industrial
• From the pilot stage to large-scale production
• Fast time to market
• Production in clean room or clean room
• 5L, 10L, 20L, 60L, 60L, 150L, 300L, and 800L reactors
• Certified as a research company under contract by BPI France
• Development of materials meeting precise specifications

Recherche et développement - PolymerExpert
Research and Development
For over 20 years, we have been designing innovative solutions with high added value for our customers. Our expertise in the field of polymers allows us to design and support the innovations of the future. Thanks to the unique know-how of our teams, we can meet your research and development challenges. Our objective: the commercialization of your innovations
Analyses et Expertises - PolymerExpert
Analysis and Expertise
In order to meet the needs of R&D and production activities, PolymerExpert relies on a complete range of analytical instruments dedicated to polymers. We put at your disposal our knowledge and experience in polymer analysis and guarantee the traceability of our results in compliance with standards. We take care of your project from sampling to the delivery of a complete analytical report.
Melting Balm - ESTOGEL
Based on its own internal research, PolymerExpert provides its customers with raw materials dedicated to the cosmetic sector (make-up, suncare, skincare, etc.). We offer our customers guidance formulas and personalized technical support to facilitate the use of our ingredients.
Production PolymerExpert
PolymerExpert has a technological platform entirely dedicated to the industrialization of innovation. Several production lines are dedicated to medical, cosmetic and industrial applications. All our products comply with the procedures and standards of safety and quality according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.
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