EstoGel®, oil gelling polymer

PolymerExpert has developed EstoGel®, biobased oil gelling polymers to substitute for fossil-based macromolecules.
These biosourced polymers are derived from castor oil. These rheological agents make it possible to obtain transparent oil gels. They present interesting properties for many sectors of activity such as cosmetics, industry, or aerospace.

EstoGels are associative polymers. Hydrogen-type inter-chain bonds allow the formation of three-dimensional networks leading to gelation. This supramolecular chemistry has the advantage of leading to reversible gels that are highly sensitive to shear.

Properties of EstoGel®
Reducing filler sedimentation

EstoGel® reveals its suspending power at 1% or more in a formulation. EstoGel® then allows a suspension of polymeric particles (example: Teflon), mineral particles (example: pigments, talc), or organic particles (example: kernel crush), without impacting the viscosity of the medium
Thus, thanks to this suspensive effect, sedimentation of many fillers is avoided, even when the formulation is subjected to temperatures of the order of 50°C.

Stabilization of Water-in-Oil emulsions

Used as an additive in the continuous phase of an emulsion, EstoGel® allows for improved stabilization. Indeed, EstoGel® gel the oil and form a network through hydrogen bond interactions, thus trapping the external phase.

Gelling of technical oils

The EstoGel® M & EstoGel® Green grades were initially developed to meet the expectations of the cosmetic field. However, PolymerExpert is now able to adapt this technology to ensure the gelling of uncommon and technical oils. Indeed, we have developed a new molecule inspired by EstoGel® grades dedicated to fluorinated oils for space lubrication systems.

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High percentage of naturalness
Silky touch
Easy to process
Transparent gel
Suspensive capacity from 1% onwards
Facial skin care