ExpertSurf : Hydrophilic and/or slippery coatings

PolymerExpert has developed several families of hydrophilic coatings (PVP, PU, Polyethers,…) particularly intended for the medical sector.

These coatings have the advantage of drastically modifying the surface tension of substrates and allowing better wettability or making surfaces slippery.

These coatings are distinguished from competing products by their extraordinary lubricity, biocompatibility and stability both during storage and use.
These coatings significantly reduce the force required to insert the medical device, thus improving control over its insertion, positioning and localization. In addition, the slippery nature of these coatings reduces friction between the device and the tissue for greater patient comfort.

These innovative products are protected by a series of patents and patent applications, exclusive property of PolymerExpert: FR2012422, FR2986532, US 2016015865, EP2811938, JP 2015508113, FR3062854, EP3580272, EP1521795

Application of the coatings

These coatings can very easily be deposited on the surface of supports: polypropylene, polyesters, polyamides…

Their adhesion is ensured either by covalent bonds or by hydrogen bonds. PolymerExpert has developed different techniques to deposit these coatings with or without activation of the substrate.

These coatings have been used since 2005 in ophthalmology and more particularly in the field of intraocular implant injectors. Millions of ophthalmic injectors have benefited from these technologies. They are also recommended for the lubrication of catheters and probes.

High lubrication power
Compatibility with all types of surfaces
Easy to apply
Reliability (used for more than 15 years in medical devices)
Ophthalmic injectors
Devices for blood filtration
Urinary catheters