Our services
Smart polymers for the cosmetics industry
Creation of orientation formulas
Support during development
Personalized technical support
Role of the application laboratory

Adapting polymers to the specific needs of customers by integrating pigments, fillers, plasticizers


Our application laboratory evaluates precisely each of the characteristics and properties of the proposed formulas. We also analyze as much as possible the compatibilities and synergies that may exist between the ingredients present in the formulas.


Using this knowledge, we create reliable orientation formulas that perfectly illustrate the potential of the etducted polymers. Each unique property can be enhanced in specific formulations. Our orientation formulas can also support your innovation with their inspiring character.

Technical support

It is essential for us to provide our customers with quality follow-up and optimal technical support. Our studies allow you to save time in the development of your formulas.

More specifically, we can advise and assist you by measuring for example the rheological properties of your tests, by evaluating the sun protection of your formulas, or by bringing you solutions for the stability or the industrialization of your formulas.

Our raw materials, dedicated to the cosmetic sector

Our unique and innovative raw materials allow us to create new textures and achieve interesting properties. They have moreover been rewarded:

  • 2016, winner of the Innovation Award of SEPAWA (German cosmetics industry association) in Germany;
  • 2017, winner of the Ringier Technology Award in China, recognition of a significant technological contribution to the Chinese market;
  • 2019, by a bronze IN-COSMETICS Awards, in the Innovative Functional Ingredient category;
  • 2021, by a Gold Cosmetiquemag Awards, in the Ingredient category;
  • 2021, gold prize – Ingredients Category – Cosmetiquemag Awards;
  • 2022, 2nd place formulation prize – Cosmet’ Agora;
  • 2022, jury’s special prize – Lipids and cosmetics;
  • 2022, finalist Cosmetic Victories – Cosmetic Valley x Essec – Industrial prize;
  • 2022, finalist In-Cosmetics Global – Functionnal Ingredients.

Our equipments

Spectrometer : Analysis and measurement of the efficiency of solar products

Rheometer : Determination of flow properties

Corneometer : Evaluation of hydration

Sebum meter : Evaluation of the sebum rate

Colorimeter : Evaluation of skin color variations | Benchtop mixers and blenders…