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Research and development
The activities of the analytical service
Quality control

We set up analytical methods for the control of raw materials before manufacturing. We also ensure the conformity of the products (intermediate or finished products).

Determination of impurities

Impurities present in a product can impact its performance and lead to non-conformities. Our analytical department is able to identify and quantify liquid, volatile or solid impurities. We also propose to purify the product thanks to our distillation, separative chromatography, diafiltration, freeze-drying equipment…

Development of analytical methods

PolymerExpert relies on its experience and on existing standards to develop analytical methods and propose reliable and robust analytical protocols. Each new method is validated according to the following criteria: specificity, repeatability, accuracy, precision, linearity and limits of detection and quantification (LOD and LOQ). A transposition of the analytical method can be performed at the customer’s site.


In a performance improvement approach, PolymerExpert proposes to separate, identify and quantify the different constituents of numerous formulations: resins, paint, varnish, antibiotics, forging products, elastomers, glues… We can suggest formulation modifications to reach precise specifications. Thanks to our Formulation department, we can also take care of the reformulation of products.

Expert in case of litigation

In case of customer complaints or disputes, we combine our knowledge with analytical results to determine the cause of the non-conformity. PolymerExpert provides technical and numerical evidence in a precise and understandable report. Corrective or preventive actions are proposed and can be tested both in the laboratory and in the field.

Understanding of reaction mechanisms

In case of change of supplier, protocol, or material, we can determine the impact of these parameters on the final product. We match relevant characterizations with the performance results of your product to advise you on the new process.

Our services

We rigorously adapt to the needs of our customers and offer them a tailor-made support. PolymerExpert has expertise in many types of analysis, such as:

Chemical and structural identification
Qualification and quantification of polymers
Qualification and quantification of residual molecules, impurities, solvent extractables
Qualification and quantification of mineral and organic loads
Kinetic monitoring of polymerization reactions
Chemical assays (e.g. isocyanate content, OH number, amine content, double bond content)
Measurement of molar masses
Characterization of polymer chains in different solvents (THF, water, DMF, toluene,…)
Mn, Mw, Mp
Number of populations
Polydispersity index
Rheological characterizations
Study of the rheology of fluids (liquids, creams, gels, molten polymers…)
Determination of dynamic and complex viscosities
Measurement of viscoelastic properties (storage modulus G’ and loss modulus G”)
Determination of time/temperature equivalence curves: Maxwell’s model, Arrhenius law …
Thermomechanical characterizations
Determination of material transition temperatures (melting, glass transition, crystallization, decomposition
Determination of reaction enthalpy
Measurement of the sensitivity to oxidation of a material Measurement of the sensitivity to oxidation of a material
Analysis of mechanical properties in traction, compression and dynamics: Young’s modulus, injection force, friction coefficient…

Other analysis

Water content

Chemical compatibility tests of materials in liquids (solvents, acid, base, …)

Characterization of the transparency or the color (L,a,b) of a solution or a material

Characterization of aqueous solutions: pH, osmotic concentration, refractive index, dry matter

Analysis of particle size distribution (dry or liquid route): number of populations, size distribution in volume or in number (D(10), D(50) and D(90)

Evaluation of surface tension (hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity)



Types of samples handled by our analysis laboratory

All polymer families can be characterized by PolymerExpert (polyurethane, polyacrylate, PET, PP, PE, fluorinated polymers, polyamide, polyamine…). We analyze different types of polymers (homopolymers, copolymers, tri-blocks, branched polymers…). Samples can be analyzed in solution, in the form of materials or granules.


Thermoplastic and thermoset composites can be analyzed by our laboratory.


We can analyze the constituents of complex formulations such as resins, paints, varnishes, forges, rubbers, plastic packaging, adhesives, antibiotics, cosmetics, coatings (mono and multilayer)…

Examples of expertises carried out by PolymerExpert

Evaluation of the causes of the degradation of a swimming pool and SPA liner within the framework of a judicial expertise

Stability study of a medical device used for blood filtration

Quality control of prepregs (carbon fiber, formo-phenolic resin): verification of residual formalin and phenol levels

Quality control of raw materials and finished products used in orthopedic surgery (bone cement)

Study of the impact of a change in the molar mass of a polymer on its mechanical properties

Quantification of the grafting rate of functions on the surface of capsules

Evaluation of the chemical compatibility between seals and solvents: demonstration of the impact on performance.

Our equipment
Steric Exclusion Chromatography (CES or GPC), several solvents and column size available (contact us for more information)
FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)
NMR 1H, 13C (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)
HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)
Laser granulometry of solids or emulsions: population number and polydispersity index
Karl Fisher (solid and liquid)
Automatic dispenser
TGA (thermogravimetry)
Our equipment
DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)
DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis)
Optical microscope
Scanning electron microscope coupled to elemental analysis (SEM-EDX)
UV-Visible Spectrometer
Halogen desiccator