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Recherche et développement - PolymerExpert
Research and Development
For over 20 years, we have been designing innovative solutions with high added value for our customers. Our expertise in the field of polymers allows us to design and support the innovations of the future. Thanks to the unique know-how of our teams, we can meet your research and development challenges. Our objective: the commercialization of your innovations
Analyses et Expertises - PolymerExpert
Analysis and Expertise
In order to meet the needs of R&D and production activities, PolymerExpert relies on a complete range of analytical instruments dedicated to polymers. We put at your disposal our knowledge and experience in polymer analysis and guarantee the traceability of our results in compliance with standards. We take care of your project from sampling to the delivery of a complete analytical report.
Melting Balm - ESTOGEL
Based on its own internal research, PolymerExpert provides its customers with raw materials dedicated to the cosmetic sector (make-up, suncare, skincare, etc.). We offer our customers guidance formulas and personalized technical support to facilitate the use of our ingredients.
Production PolymerExpert
PolymerExpert has a technological platform entirely dedicated to the industrialization of innovation. Several production lines are dedicated to medical, cosmetic and industrial applications. All our products comply with the procedures and standards of safety and quality according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.
Our products
Self Repairing Polymer: ExpertRepair
Many consumer goods are made of polymeric materials whose appearance or performance can be altered by impact, scratches or cracks. Under the impulse of manufacturers and consumers, research has multiplied to extend the life of products.
polymère à mémoire de forme
Memory Shape Polymer: ExpertShape
ExpertShape is a shape memory polymer. These have many remarkable properties. The elastic deformation applied to the material can be extremely important. Thus, the possible shapes are very numerous and allow to answer a wide range of applications.
Acrylic polymers: ExpertBone
Acrylic cements appeared in the 1960s and are universally used to seal joint prostheses (hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, etc.). They allow the total replacement of deficient joints in very favorable conditions for the surgeon and the patient.
Thermogelling polymer: ExpertGel®
ExpertGel are thermogelling polymers, capable of reversibly changing their state according to temperature. At low concentration in water, they are liquid at room temperature and gel when the temperature increases
Oil Gelling Polymer: EstoGel®
PolymerExpert has developed EstoGel, biosourced oil gelling polymers to replace macromolecules of fossil origin. These biosourced polymers are derived from castor oil. These rheological agents allow to obtain transparent oil gels.
implant intraoculaire
Hydrophilic coatings polymers: ExpertSurf
PolymerExpert has developed several families of hydrophilic coatings (PVP, PV, Polyethers,...) particularly for the medical sector.
Lasts articles
Ecodesigning polymers for cosmetics
Research & development
With the beauty standards moving towards naturalness, PolymerExpert is committed to helping cosmetic industries and consumers prepare for the upcoming reality. From responsibly sourced natural ingredients to carefully designed molecules and process, we promote the ecodesign of ingredients as the way to reach respectful and circular beauty.
Polysaccharides, an attractive choice for innovative cosmetics
Research & development
Polysaccharide, a biopolymer which is composed of covalently linked sugar molecules, is the largest resource of polymer from the nature. Thanks to its availability, biocompatibility and biodegradability, polysaccharide could replace synthetic polymers in many domains: one best example is cosmetics. At PolymerExpert, we have already a product portfolio for cosmetic, especially our recent products: EstoGel® Green, which is a 100% biobased oil phase gelling agent. For enriching our portfolio of cosmetic products, polysaccharide could be a very promising resource of raw material.
Green chemistry: challenges and advances in the field of polymers
Research & development
Green chemistry was conceived in the 1990s. The objective for the chemists Anastas and Warner was to reduce the risks generated for the users during the chemical practices but also to reduce the harmful impact on the environment of the used products and their waste.
Orientation formulas in cosmetics
PolymerExpert is a supplier of ingredients for the cosmetic industry. In order to offer a complete service to its customers, the company has equipped itself in 2016 with an application laboratory in which cosmetic formulation specialists develop orientation formulas on a daily basis. Adrien Faure formulation expert at PolymerExpert tells us the secrets of a good orientation formula.