ExpertGel, thermogelling polymer

ExpertGel are thermogelling polymers, capable of reversible state change with temperature. At low concentrations in water, they are in liquid form at room temperature and gel as temperature increases.

ExpertGels consist of heat-sensitive hydrophobic polypropylene oxide (POP) segments and hydrophilic polyethylene oxide (POE) portions.

The mechanism of gelation is explained as follows:

Above a temperature called LCST (Lower Critical Solubility Temperature), the hydrophobic portions of the polymer associate in a micro-domain while the hydrophilic portions keep the polymer in solution.

The gelation temperature is adjustable by the use of well-chosen additives. Indeed, inorganic salts, nonionic surfactants, propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, for example, tend to lower the gelation temperature while ethanol and water-soluble sunscreens significantly increase the gelation temperature.

Properties due to ExpertGel

Controlled release of assets

In pharmaceutical or cosmetic product formulations, the release of active ingredients over time is sought in order to guarantee a prolonged effect. The ExpertGel, thanks to its instantaneous gelling allows the active ingredients to be maintained on the surface of the skin or mucous membranes. The product can be deposited precisely on the area to be treated and released over time. This property is particularly interesting for typical products: eye drops, nasal spray, anti-snoring spray, mouthwash etc.

Viscosity control and stabilization of formulations

Added to many formulations, ExpertGel helps compensate for the loss of viscosity of products whose viscosity decreases with temperature. Thus, the product maintains the same viscosity regardless of temperature conditions.

ExpertGel, thermogelling polymer for use in cosmetics

ExpertGels, Aqueous Thermogelants

PolymerExpert develops polymers with unique properties. Initially developed for the medical sector and in particular for ophthalmology, these highly technical, associative, aqueous gelling agents bring exceptional rheological properties to cosmetic formulas. Unique and innovative, the gelling temperature of ExpertGel is easily adjustable and allows to meet a wide range of applications.

ExpertGel Properties

Intelligent gelling agent

It changes viscosity depending on temperature: liquid at room temperature, the product becomes gel upon application

Sprayable product

Liquid in the packaging, it is easy to spray and surprises by gelling on contact with the skin. It thus allows the formulation of original galenics. In addition, its strong thixotropy allows optimal delivery even if the ambient temperature is high.

Emulsion stabilizer

Formulas containing ExpertGel are less sensitive to temperature phase shift due to the viscosity effect of ExpertGel but also its co-emulsifying ability.

Viscosity Controller

The addition of ExpertGel ensures a constant viscosity when hot by compensating for the loss in viscosity typically seen at high temperatures.

Changing Texture

Formulas become chameleon-like due to the effect of this polymer. Sprayable liquid formulas turn into rich, creamy creams upon spreading

Filmifying agent

ExpertGel forms a soft, powdery film close to a silicone feel.

Compatibility & synergy

High compatibility with other film-forming agents allows for synergies to improve water resistance and formula hold. The viscosity of ExpertGel solutions is enhanced at room temperature once it contains a high content of salts, acids, perfume…ExpertGel is an ally for complex formulations. The gels formed are perfectly transparent and the shape-memory texture allows an original grip.


SPF Booster

By ensuring the optimal dispersion of UV filters, it ensures their optimal distribution on the skin’s surface. This improves sun protection. It keeps the formula on the skin’s surface and reduces skin penetration. Moreover, by its film-forming effect, it limits the release of the filters into the environment. The SPF can thus be doubled by the simple addition of ExpertGel in a formula.

Long-lasting effect

His ability to film on the skin’s surface allows the fragrance molecules in scented formulas to be coated and gradually released.

Pigment distribution

ExpertGel ensures better pigment distribution in tinted emulsions and guarantees higher coverage.

Controlled release of actives

His special gelation allows for the stabilization, encapsulation and gradual release of active ingredients on the skin’s surface. This property is particularly interesting when using active ingredients known to be fragile or odorous such as DHA for example.

ExpertGel Information

Authorized worldwide and made in France, ExpertGel is your ideal ally for formulating unique textures with optimized efficacy.

It’s innovation has already been recognized with numerous awards including the Sepawa Award in Germany in 2016 or the Ringier Award in China.


  • Preparing a concentrated ExpertGel pre-gel: sprinkle ExpertGel into cold water with gentle agitation. Stir while maintaining a low temperature until the polymer is fully solubilized. Use the pre-gel at the end of the formulation.
  • Adding ExpertGel to fat phase: heat fat phase and sprinkle ExpertGel under agitation until polymer is dispersed or solubilized.
  • ExpertGel grades:

    Two grades of ExpertGel have been developed by PolymerExpert. The difference between the two products lies in the size of the polymers. Thus, the gelling properties are different and allow to cover all possible applications. PolymerExpert can advise you on which grade to use according to your needs.

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    Use at low concentration
    pH independent
    Compatible with salts, non-ionic surfactants and oils
    Thixotropic behavior
    Gelling temperature (LCST) precisely adjustable between 10 and 60°C
    Fully biocompatible product
    Smart thickener
    Viscosity controlleŕ
    New texturizer
    Controlled release of active ingredients
    Injectable implants