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PolymerExpert wins Gold Award for its ingredient EstoGel® Green!
PolymerExpert has won the prestigious Cosmetiquemag Gold Award for its ingredient EstoGel® Green!
Acrylic polymers for orthopedic surgery
Research & development
Acrylic bone cements are universally used for the sealing of articular prostheses (hip, knee, shoulder, elbow…); they allow the total replacement of deficient articulations in very favourable conditions for the surgeon and for the patient.
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PolymerExpert will attend the COSMETIC-360 2021!
Meet us on our booth M3 during the next edition of Cosmetic360 which will take place on October 13 & 14, 2021 in Paris, Carrousel du Louvre.
Shape memory polymer
Shape memory polymers
The shape memory of polymers is a property that allows an object deformed by means of a physical stress to recover its initial shape under the effect of another stress. Most commonly, the initial stress is mechanical and is applied at a temperature above room temperature, while the return to the initial shape is achieved by heating.
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How to characterize the specific temperatures of polymers ?
When characterizing a polymer, several pieces of information must be determined
Caractériser des polymères
How to characterize the chemical nature of polymers
Les matériaux polymères sont composés d’unité monomères de nature chimique et de taille extrêmement diversifiés. De plus, ils peuvent prendre plusieurs formes, linéaires, ramifiés, ou réticulés. Chacune de ses caractéristiques vont induire des propriétés différentes sur le matériau final. Afin d’assurer la conformité des polymères au cahier des charges client, leur caractérisation est nécessaire.
Polymeric chain
How to characterize chain of a polymer?
Beyond the chemical nature, a polymer has a specific characteristic: an important molar mass. It is defined thanks to the following terms :