PolymerExpert finalist in the industrial award category!

This competition created by Cosmetic Valley and supported by ESSEC aims to support R&D projects of young innovative companies in the field of perfumery and cosmetics. This competition created in 2015 awards 2 prizes: the academic prize and the industrial prize. The winner of the prize will have the chance to receive €10,000, an amount that will help the company in its development.

This initiative allows to value innovative projects of young graduates, entrepreneurs, start-ups or SMEs around the world.

On February 22, the jury composed of many academic and industrial actors selected 6 finalists among 80 projects from 18 different countries.

Discover the finalists:


In the Industry category:

  • The SkinDNA Company Pty Ltd (Australie), for its product SkinRNA Micro-cell Test
  • BIOINSPIR (France), for the creation of a new generation of sustainable perfumes thanks to ecocatalysis
  • PolymerExpert (France), for its 100% biosourced rheological agent


In the Academic category:

  • Baccile Niki, CNRS Researcher – Sorbonne University (France): New biosurfactants for functional formulations with biopolymers.
  • Halila Sami, CNRS Researcher – Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France) :A simple and ecological carbohydrate-based organogelator for cosmetic applications
  • Boboescu Iulian, Assistant professor – Wageningen University and Research (Netherlands) : Culture and biological processing of microalgae for cosmetic ingredients


With the growing success of EstoGel® Green, launched last October at Cosmetic 360, PolymerExpert hopes to benefit from an international aura thanks to the Cosmetics Victories.


The Cosmetic Victories: the project pitch test


The next step will be on March 22, 2022, when the finalists are expected to pitch their project to a panel of exceptional judges, who will ask questions to determine the winner of each category.

Adrien Faure, formulation project manager will be the spokesperson for PolymerExpert and will describe the scientific and industrial innovation that our EstoGel brings to formulators today.

Based on supramolecular chemistry and thanks to inter-chain hydrogen bonds, EstoGel ® Green can produce reversible and shear-sensitive gels with a high suspension capacity, making it a key ally for the development of a new generation of responsible cosmetic products.

Benefits of our rheology modifier include:

  • Clear gel formation in a wide range of oils.
  • Ability to suspend pigments, flakes, mineral filters from 1% concentration.
  • Emulsion stabilization
  • Shear thinning property (easy spreading, pumpable, sprayable)
  • Neutral sensory touch on the skin
  • Easy to disperse
  • Control of wax crystallization
  • Improved pigment distribution
  • INCI friendly name: Hydrogenated Castor Oil/Sebacic Acid Copolymer
  • Conforms to INCI China
  • 100% biobased according to ISO 16128 (ION =1)
  • Approved by COSMOS
  • Palm derivative free


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