Back on 18 years of existence, from launch to today.

Launch of the start-up.

PolymerExpert began its career in 1996 as a technology transfer unit at ENSCBP (Chemistry school near Bordeaux, France). The activity starts, in an associative format, initiated by Alain Deffieux, former director of research at CNRS and Marc Dolatkhani, Phd in polymer chemistry. Quickly this young structure housed within the chemistry school, identifies precisely its scope of intervention: the valuation of its skills and expertise in the field of synthesis, characterization and formulation of polymers. The will of its managers, the potential of development and the need to create a production unit have been indicators of the need to evolve towards the status of private company. This project, largely supported by all regional research actors, was launched in October 2000. PolymerExpert SA was born.

A quarter turn start !

From its beginnings, PolymerExpert is getting closer to major manufacturers, and in particular in ophthalmological field. The first developments of innovative material materialize, and the productions follow one another. In 2000, 60,000 implants are produced. Then, PolymerExpert invested in a rigorous quality approach and obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2001. The growth of the activity led PolymerExpert to build its own unit, bringing together its head office, its research and production laboratories. In 2005, PolymerExpert moved to Pessac – 1, allée du Doyen Georges Brus.

PolymerExpert positions itself as a major player in its field

PolymerExpert can then expand its business with the production of polymers and market its innovations. By investing 50% of its resources in the development of its own technologies, PolymerExpert makes sure in the long run. Today, it benefits from a client portfolio of more than 300 companies and positions itself upstream of customer demand. The activity, mainly oriented towards the health sector, is however diversified: medical devices, pharmaceutical, aerospace, space, building …

The collaborators, all specialists in chemistry and physico-chemistry of polymers, are at the heart of this success, federated by creativity and passion.

PolymerExpert can be proud of its leading position in the field.

And now ?

In 2015, Marc Dolatkhani invests in a new project: the launch of the first wholly owned subsidiary of PolymerExpert, INNOLENS. Dedicated to the medical device industry, Innolens will produce intraocular implants, and hyaluronic acid syringes produced for cataract surgery. PolymerExpert positions itself as a supplier of R & D and raw materials. These are 7 patents that, operated by Innolens, will lead to the release of real breakthrough technologies.

Innovation is at the heart of PolymerExpert’s culture, and will remain so for a long time.

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