The world market for composite materials has been growing steadily for many years. Indeed, these performance materials are used by a large number of business sectors. The aeronautics and aerospace industries acclaim composites for their lightness (compared to metals). Other sectors, such as the construction and automotive industries are increasingly interested in new innovative materials. For more than 10 years, PolymerExpert has been invested in this sector with a know-how in the field of resins. From R&D, to resin production through analysis, PolymerExpert is developing in this growing sector.

Our research and development projects in composite materials

For the aerospace industry, composite materials offer many advantages. However, the repair or recycling of composite parts is very limited due to the thermosetting nature of the resin. Manufacturers are therefore looking for ways to repair or recycle these parts using new raw materials.  To meet this demand, PolymerExpert has participated in the development of low viscosity thermoplastic resin compatible with a “Liquid Composit Moulding” process. The possibility of thermoforming complex parts, of important dimensions while ensuring the recyclability and repairability of the parts.

To carry out this project, PolymerExpert has synthesized new thermoplastic resins meeting the following extract of specifications:

– Viscosity compatible with the injection pressures of the process

– Guaranteed compatibility between matrix and fibres

– Compliance with the conditions of use in the aeronautical sector

– …

This two-year project allowed the development of a new product and even the development of prototypes.

Another area of development undertaken by PolymerExpert is the development of intelligent materials. Indeed, PolymerExpert is currently working on the development of shape memory composites for space and medical applications. We adjust this technology according to the specifications or regulations in force.

PolymerExpert’s activity in the composite field:

  • Thermoplastic composite : high performance resin, in-situ polymerization
  • Smart resin : self-repairing resin, shape memory resin
  • Custom resins : polymer synthesis, resin improvement, new resins
PolymerExpert : laboratory for the analysis of composite materials

The analytical department of PolymerExpert is specialized in the characterization of composites. Supported by cutting-edge equipment, our dedicated team takes charge of the characterization of both resins and finished composite parts.

The intervention of PolymerExpert concerns the quality control of incoming materials or finished parts as well as the expertise of finished parts. In a process of performance improvement, PolymerExpert is able to characterize or deform resins. In addition, our PhD and engineers can propose varied and relevant analytical techniques according to your project. Our multidisciplinary competences allow us to take charge of very varied projects and to bring adapted solutions.

Participation of PolymerExpert in the JEC WORLD exhibition, dedicated to composite materials

JEC WORLD is an international trade fair that welcomes more than 43,000 visitors to the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre. From 3 to 5 March 2020, all the players in the composite industry will meet to present their solutions and innovations. More than 250 experts will take the floor to discuss, among other things, recycling, simulation techniques or production of composites.

For PolymerExpert, this will be an opportunity to present its activities to the players in the sector and to exchange with its historical partners.

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